Online Cricket Betting For Kenyans

Cricket is the second most popular sport in Kenya and the Kenyan cricket team has competed in the Cricket World Cup since 1996 and they have also competed in the World T20. With the game enjoying such popularity in Kenya, it isn’t surprising that online bettors enjoy placing bets on the sport. Online bettors also enjoy betting on cricket because of the many great betting opportunities it offers bettors.

Formats of Cricket Matches

There are many different formats in the game of cricket and it is a good idea for bettors to become familiar with each one before placing a bet on a match. The longest format of cricket match is the test match, which can last for as long as 5 days. Betting on a test match can be stressful for bettors because the score during a test match can change many times during a match. Cricket betting on test matches is only recommended for the more experienced bettor.

Many Kenyan cricket fans prefer placing bets on the one day or limited overs matches, which are both much shorter versions of the game. In these shorter versions of the game there are either a limited amount of balls that have to be bowled or a set time in which the game has to be played. The fastest format of the game of cricket is the Twenty20 and this format is extremely popular among bettors. Each team is limited to 20 overs and the game takes approximately 3 hours to play.

Cricket Betting Options

The bettor has many betting options when betting on the game of cricket and as is the case with many sports, the Win/Lose bet is very popular with both experienced and novice bettors. This is a straightforward bet that allows the bettor to place a bet on which team is going to win the game and if the team wins the bettor is paid out. Another popular bet in cricket betting is the spread bet, a spread bet increase the bettor’s chances of winning and bettors can even place bets on the losing team and beat the spread.

Kenyan bettors can also place bets on specific players to achieve certain goals within a match, like make the most runs or take the most wickets. Online bettors can also place bets before tournaments even take place and predict which teams will be in the top 8, 4 or 2. In this type of cricket betting, bettors will be paid out according to the placement of the teams. These types of bets are good to make if you have a good knowledge of the teams in the competition because you will know which teams will make it through to the semi finals and even the finals.

Betting on International Cricket

Cricket betting is very popular in Kenya and Kenyans are enjoying placing bets on international leagues. Leagues such as the Indian Premier League (IPL) are becoming very popular with Kenyan bettors because of the excellent variety of online betting options it offers. If you are a Kenyan bettor who enjoys the game of cricket, then read the reviews on this site, pick a recommended online Kenyan-friendly bookmaker that suits you and start cricket betting.