Online Horse Betting for Kenyans

Like bettors in many parts of the world, Kenyans love betting on horse racing. Horse racing is one sport that really offers many great betting opportunities. Betting on a horse race also doesn’t have to be expensive and bettors on a budget can place small bets, while high rollers can bet as much as they want. Many Kenyans can’t get to the track to watch the races and therefore conduct most of their betting online.

Since the introduction of online bookmakers, the number of online bettors has grown faster and bigger than anyone expected. With so much interest in online betting, there are many online bookmakers offering great quality services. As well as placing bets on races, Kenyan bettors can also check odds, performance of horse and jockey, track conditions and keep track of their bets. Today online bookmakers really offer a variety of services to the bettor.

Types of Online Horse Betting

When it comes to betting on horse racing there are many bets to choose from, ranging from very simple bets all the way to more complicated exotic bets. New bettors should always stick to the simpler bets until they have gained some experience and knowledge of how the races work.

Some of the simpler bets a bettor can make are the Win and Place, the Win bet is simply predicting which horse will win a race. A Place bet is when a bettor predicts which place horse will come in, usually a bettor has the option of 2nd or 3rd place but sometimes a bookmaker can extend this to 4th or 5th place and sometimes beyond this.

Some of the more exotic bets in horse betting are the Quinella, in which the bettor picks 2 horses to win and place in a race in no particular order and the Exacta, in which the bettor must pick horses to come in 1st or 2nd place in the precise order that they are chosen.

Online Horse Betting In Kenya

Kenyans enjoy placing bets on horse races and since the invention of online bookmakers it has been growing in popularity. As well as placing bets on international races, Kenyans enjoy placing bets on races in Kenya. The Ngong Racecourse is situated in Nairobi, Kenya and is the only thoroughbred racing venue in the country. It hosts about 25 race meetings a year and with the most prominent being the Kenya Derby. Watching a horse race is exciting and it becomes even more exciting when you have placed a bet on a race.

Online Horse Betting Opportunities

Online horse betting offers so many great betting opportunities for Kenyan bettors and there is a lot of money to be made. Whether you enjoy placing small or big bets, there is something to suit everyone’s pocket. All the bookmakers on this site will also offer great promotions and free bets. Promotions and bonuses will be different at different bookmakers, so always be sure to read the reviews on this site before making your decision. If you are a Kenyan that enjoys horse racing, try online horse betting today at one of our recommend sites and discover the thrill of wagering online.